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Thanos is an Aerial Solutions provider using drones to offer innovative solutions to conventional problems. Using a mix of Hardware and Software platforms, we redefine services which are conventionally catered to by terrestrial solutions.

We are starting off with solutions for Surveying applications which has for a long time involved teams of people working for days or even months to survey sites. You might ask – Why choose an Aerial Platform for your surveying needs? Here’s why. Using an aerial platform for surveying cuts down the Time & Manpower required by a huge factor and increases the Accuracy of data as well as the quantum of data generated. Also, insights and outputs which weren’t possible using conventional techniques are now possible with this aerial platform. That all sounds pretty theoretical. So, let us put a few numbers behind these statements.



Using an aerial platform increases the field of view and hence lets you capture more data. It took us 5 minutes for data collection for our 5 acre sample site. It takes about 30 minutes for 50 acres and around half a day for 500 acres. Compare this with how much time conventional surveying methods take.



As a result of the increased field of view of the aerial platform, the manpower required for surveying goes down drastically. It took just 1 person to collect data for our 5 acre sample site. It takes the same 1 person for 50 acres and even for 500 acres (unless you want us to use an extra person and an extra drone to do it even more quickly). Is this possible using terrestrial surveying equipment and methods? No, unless you are compromising heavily on data resolution or unless it’s a strictly visual inspection.



In conventional surveying, the amount of data you collect and the data resolution is directly proportional to time spent on-site. Alternatively, a larger team with members working in parallel might be able to get more data and high resolution data. This, as you can understand, has an impact on the manpower costs. This is not the case with Aerial Surveying. The data resolution and quantum of data are governed by the Flight Altitude and the underlying photogrammetry softwares that we use. All our data for the sample site was at 5cm per pixel resolution and after processing using GIS softwares, we could create contour map at 0.25m contour line spacing. We could also create maps with 0.10m and 0.05m contour line spacing with the same set of data. Amazing. Isn’t it? Another hidden advantage with respect to data collected using Aerial method is that once it is collected, you don’t need to go back to the site if you need more data. You can use the same existing data to get new insights or to analyse the site on a different parameter.


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