We hope you’ve had a look at our list of products. We charge the same price for any individual product – Rs.1000 per acre. That being said, there are also a few interesting price plans you can choose from. But first here’s what you get as the output for each of the products you choose. In case you see a specific format that you need but is missing here, do let us know and we shall try to add it.

S.No. Product Output File Extension
1 Contour Map Autocad/Adobe .dxf/.pdf
2 Orthomosaic Image .jpg/.tif
3 Elevation Map Image .jpg/.tif
4 Digital Terrain Map Image .jpg/.tif
5 3D Model Object File .obj
6 Vegetation Map Image .jpg/.tif
7 Geometric Measurement - -

We know that some of you might need more than 1 product but are worried about the price. So, we have designed these packs which might be of interest to you:



Pick any 1

Rs.1000 / acre


Pay for 2 and get 4

Rs.2000 / acre


Pay for 3 and get all 7

Rs.3000 / acre


Interesting? Let’s make it a bit more interesting:

  • Whatever service you pick and whatever size your land is, you get free Aerial Photographs and Videos of your site included in the price
  • Our loyal customers get a flat 20% discount on the per acre price when they come back for more
  • Also, we offer special prices for customers who pick our products for lands larger than 100 acres and even more special prices for lands larger than 1000 acres

Would you like to buy one or more of our products? Call us on +91-9573666587 or email us at