Despite the huge technological advances made in various domains in India, Agriculture still lags behind in technology adoption. While there are various agri-mechanization technologies being brought in, financial products being launched, supply chain issues being sorted, we believe that there is lot more scope for improvement of status quo through adoption of technologies that a few countries across the world are already taking advantage of.

Most tasks of agriculture are extremely arduous in nature. Add to this the problem of depleting manual labour availability and hazardous natural of certain chemicals (Pesticides). Farmers are finding it very difficult to get Agricultural Spraying done effectively and safely.

Problems related to Agricultural Spraying in India

We focused on solving these problems and came up with a much necessary product SYENA – our UAV based Agricultural Spraying Platform. Below is a brief comparison on Manual vs UAV based Spraying methods:

At THANOS, we’ve built Agricultural Spraying Drones of various capacities – 5 Litres, 10 Litres and 15 Litres. Based on our close to 3 years of Trials, Demonstrations and Field Operations, 10 Litres / 10 Kg seems to be the ideal capacity for Agricultural Spraying Drones. Factors such as Battery Capacity, Flight Time, Easy of Transport, Time to Spray and many more were considered in arriving at this number. With that introduction, we’d like to introduce our 10 Litre Agricultural Spraying Drone SYENA-Q10. Check it out in action over 4 different crops in the video below:


1TypeMulticopter Quadcopter X
(Propellers Folded Inwards)
Folded (mm): 625 x 570 x 625
Open (mm): 1025 x 1025 x 710
3Payload Capacity10 Litre / 10 Kg
(whichever is less)
4Flight TimeUpto 20 minutes
5Battery Charging Time60 minutes
6Spray Width3 – 5 metres
7Flight Mode OptionsManual / Semi-Autonomous / Autonomous
8Wind ResistanceLevel 5 as per Beaufort Scale
9Flight SpeedUpto 10 m/s (Recommended upto 5 m/s)
10All Up Weight (with 10 Kg Payload)25 Kg
11Frame Material3 K Carbon Fibre
12Other Features– GPS and Radar for uniform, efficient & precision spraying
– Continuous Operation Data Monitoring


The SYENA-Q10 has undergone multiple seasons of trials and 100’s of acres of Spraying pilots & demonstrations over the last 3 years and has been optimized for continuous Field Operations. Following are the Work Rate capacities of SYENA-Q10:

  • 60 acres per Day in case of Ultra Low Volume Spraying (2-3 Litres per acre)
  • 30 acres per Day in case of Low Volume Spraying (8-10 Litres per acre)
  • 10 acres per Day in case of Medium Volume Spraying (25-30 Litres per acre)

Above mentioned Work Rates are estimates for 5 hours of daily operation based on assumed Spray Volume Rates and should not be taken as dosage recommendation for spraying. Correct Spray Dosage needs to be confirmed with agri-chemical manufacturing company or the local distributor before taking up any operations.