About Us

Thanos is an aerial solutions provider using drones to offer innovative solutions to conventional problems. Using a mix of hardware and software platforms, we redefine services which are conventionally catered to by terrestrial solutions.

We started off in 2016 with aerial surveying solutions but soon realized that there’s very little differentiation we can bring in to our customers by using the same set of aerial platforms and data processing softwares that are available in the market. We, instead, decided to focus on building the aerial platforms itself and offer solutions based on them. We focus on 3 core themes – Automation, Intelligence and Transportation.¬†


Agri Drone in Action

Agriculture is one of the key areas where we are currently offering aerial automation products and solutions. Spraying Drones will be one of the key tools that will change farming in a major way. They have the potential to reduce farmers’ dependency on depleting manual labour and to eliminate the various inefficiencies & health hazards of manual spraying. Agricultural Drones (like the one in the image above) are being put to use in various parts of India and farmers are witnessing their potential.

While Japan and China are already at the forefront of using this technology, we believe that India is not too far away from the day when tens of millions of acres will be sprayed using Agricultural Spraying Drones. In addition to Agriculture, Spraying Drones have major role to play in Urban Pest Control as well. Modifications to an Agricultural Spraying Drone can enable one to automate Seeding, Granular Fertilizer applications and more.



Intelligence is one of the domains where drones are making the most advances. Having various kinds of visual and non-visual sensors can provide inputs that weren’t previously accessible. Project Monitoring, Border Surveillance, Gas Pipeline Monitoring, Power Line Monitoring, Solar/Wind Power Plant Maintenance, Agricultural Mapping, Land Record Mapping, Traffic Monitoring/Control, Law & Order Maintenance – the list goes on as to what drones can help with on Intelligence front. The colorful image above is an NDVI Map that shows the Vegetative and Non-Vegetative areas in a particular geography. It was generated by stitching together 100+ images and applying NDVI algorithm.


Payload Drone

Aerial Transportation / Delivery has been the stuff of science fiction for quite a while and something that quite a few people are looking forward to. Fancy a pizza delivered to your rooftop in 10 minutes? Want your E-Commerce order to be delivered within the hour? Drones can do that. Maybe not in 2020 but soon enough. What we expect first to happen though is on Medical Delivery front. Being a societal application that can solve critical infrastructure challenges of Healthcare delivery, Medical Delivery is one of the most important and immediate applications of Drone Delivery technology. The image above shows a 2 Kg Package Delivery Drone Prototype developed by us in February 2019. We demonstrated the same successfully at Drone Olympics 2019 to win the Supply Drop Challenge.

Several countries in the world are already testing Drone Delivery and some have already started commercializing. Medical Delivery demonstrations are being done in quite a few countries and countries such as Rwanda have been at the forefront in commercializing and standardizing this application given their immediate need for a technology like this. India and many other countries will follow suit.

Transportation of food and other critical supplies during a Natural Disaster, Spares Transportation in Army/Navy could be some of the near-term applications. Human Transportation (Air Taxis) are also being tested in a few parts of the world and are expected to become mainstream in next 5 to 10 years.

Check out the products and solutions we are building for the above domains here.