About Us

We employ a combination of hardware and software platforms to provide innovative solutions to conventional problems. Drones are integral to redefining services that conventionally rely on terrestrial solutions.

Our journey began in 2016 with a vision to revolutionize the use of drones across various sectors, including agriculture, surveillance, and delivery. Our team consists of passionate and experienced engineers, designers, and pilots who continuously push the boundaries of drone technology.

The name ‘Thanos’ symbolizes determination, strength, transformation, renewal, and positive change. We selected this name due to our profound and unwavering connection to drone technology, which we believe can have a positive impact by addressing some of the most challenging problems in our ever-changing world.

Some of the challenges we faced on our journey included the high cost of drone technology and the limited awareness of its applications and advantages. However, we overcame these challenges through investments in research and development, reductions in operational costs, and extensive marketing and outreach campaigns.
What sets us apart is our ability to design and manufacture our own drones with various capacities and capabilities, including agricultural spraying drones, surveillance drones, and delivery drones. In the past, we have offered a range of services using drones, such as spraying-as-a-service, aerial surveying, custom drone manufacturing, and drone repairs.

Some of the future plans and goals we have for our company include:

  • Scaling up to become a prominent player in the Indian drone industry.
  • Expanding our product portfolio and service offerings to serve a broader range of sectors and domains.
  • Collaborating with more stakeholders and organizations to promote the adoption and innovation of drone technology.
  • Creating a positive social impact by utilizing drone technology for humanitarian and environmental causes.
  • Drone Rules 2021: Download

Why should you choose Thanos’ products? Because we provide:

  • High-performance drones that can fly longer, faster, and smarter than conventional models.
  • Customizable drones that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and preferences.
  • Reliable and safe drones that have been tested and certified by various authorities and standards.
  • Affordable and competitive prices that offer you the best value for your money.
  • Professional and friendly support that is readily available to assist you with any queries or issues.

If you’re seeking innovative aerial solutions for terrestrial problems, look no further than Thanos Technologies. Contact us today to learn about our products and services. We’re eager to hear from you.

Our Journey


  • Completely designed and built in India
  • Reduces CAPEX and makes repair/service easy
  • Li-Ion battery designed and built in-house with up to 300 Recharge Cycles of Life
  • Keeps OPEX low for the Operator
  • Highest Flight Time (22+ mins) in the industry
  • Extensive R&D and Field Testing done
  • 8 Years of Field Ops over 10,000 acres


  • Awarded First Prize at the Inaugural Drone Olympics Challenge conducted by Ministry of Defence in Bengaluru in February 2019
  • Awarded with Alpha-Drone Development Kit and invited to participate in Global UAV Challenge by world’s largest defense company Lockheed Martin for demonstration of our Payload Delivery UAV Platform at Aero India Show 2019
  • One of the 10 startups chosen by Telangana Govt. for Govt. Mentorship and Pilot Projects
  • Designated as one of top 10 Hot Startups of Hyderabad at HYSEA Awards 2018
  • Achieved First position at National Level Innovation competition held at NIRD, Hyderabad in July 2017
  • Achieved Second position at IEEE International Makers Fair held at Hyderabad in September 2017
  • Achieved Second position at Business Pitching competition at SMC Select event held at ISBHyderabad in February 2018 by IIT Kanpur Alumni
  • Achieved Second position at Crowdfunding Product Hunt competition CATAPOOOLT Product Czars held at Hyderabad in April 2018

Pradeep Palelli

Co-Founder and CEO

Pradeep brings 11 years of professional experience, including 8 years of running startups. He is responsible for business and operations at Thanos. In his previous roles at Efficient Carbon and Zolt Energy, Pradeep handled operations, services, and sales in various capacities.

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Prathyush Akepati

Co-Founder and CTO

Prathyush is responsible for designing and building our aerial platforms. With experience in building dozens of drones and experimenting with various technologies, Prathyush possesses in-depth knowledge of designing, building, and repairing drones. He has 13 years of professional experience in various roles.

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Rainak Ghosh


Rainak Ghosh, a seasoned Marketing pro. With vast experience in shaping successful strategies for Indian enterprises, I lead marketing at Thanos. His passion? Deciphering market trends, enhancing strategies, and creating new business avenues.

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