Frequently Asked Questions

SYENA H10 and H10i. Both have similar specs but the H10i has additional features like radar obstacle avoidance, a live video feed camera, and a radio with a screen and SIM slot.

10 litres.

22+ minutes.

25,200 mAh Li-ion each

Up to 5 km/h wind speed and 30°C.

Drone, remote controller, charger, batteries, transport case.

1-year free offsite warranty on drone and 3 months on batteries.

60 acres per day for ultra-low volume spraying (2-3 L/acre)

30 acres per day for low-volume spraying (8-10 L/acre)

10 acres per day for medium volume spraying (25-30 L/acre)

Note: These are estimates based on 5 hours of daily operation and specific spray volume rates. Consult the chemical manufacturer for dosage recommendations.

Features & Benefits

• Designed and built in India:

• Ensures top-quality after-sales service and spare parts availability.

• Industry's highest flight time: Up to 22+ minutes in field conditions.

• Extensively field-tested and rugged: Proven reliability for agricultural operations.

• Experienced in-house training: Customers are field-ready on day 1.

• GPS and terrain radar: Uniform, efficient, and precise spraying.

• Continuous operation data monitoring: Track drone performance and optimize operations.

• Radar obstacle avoidance (H10i only): Enhances safety and avoids collisions.

• Live video feed camera (H10i only): Monitor spraying progress in real-time.

• Radio with screen and SIM slot (H10i only): Stay connected and in control during operations.

Service & Support

• In-house service and repairs: Thanos can address any service or repair needs.

• Annual maintenance contract (AMC) available: Includes pre-emptive maintenance checks and emergency site visits.

• Free delivery in Hyderabad: Transportation costs charged outside Hyderabad..

Important Information

• Drone operation permits: Customer responsibility to obtain required permits.

• Operation restrictions: Do not operate within 5 km of airports, defence establishments, or other sensitive areas.

• Remote support: Available during weekdays via phone call or video call.

• Battery repairs: This may not be possible depending on the nature of the damage. Replacement costs may apply.

For more information or to purchase a SYENA H10/H10i drone, please contact Thanos Technologies. This FAQ sheet is intended to provide a general overview of the SYENA H10/H10i agricultural spraying drone. Please refer to the official user manual for complete instructions and safety information.